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  • PPAI transitioned most of its 2020 event schedule into well-received virtual Direct-2-You formats and will hold a line-up of virtual events in 2021 as well before returning to the in-person PPAI Expo 2022 in Las Vegas in January.
  • So, what can you do? According to Adyna Akins, a performance improvement manager with Insperity, it’s critical to diagnose what’s going on so you can begin working toward a resolution. We share Akins’ tips on how to help nice but underperforming employees in this issue of Promotional Consultant Toda
  • Distributor Boundless Network (PPAI 267078, D11), headquartered in Austin, Texas, has been acquired by Point Rider Capital and Treaty Oak Equity, two private investment firms also based in Austin. The company had been operating as a subsidiary of Zazzle.com (PPAI 391384, D3) since 2014.
  • PPAI has signed onto a letter with more than 30 other U.S. trade associations representing a wide range of sectors—from manufacturing and agriculture to alcohol and consumer products—requesting the White House terminate Section 232 steel and aluminum tariffs that were put in place in 2018. The assoc
  • Jim Paschal, president and co-owner of St. Charles, Illinois, supplier Warwick Publishing (PPAI 114154, S7) passed away on May 30 due to health complications from diabetes.

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    Sidel, Give me a call, I have a solution for you, (706) 469-8484.

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    Hi Vidal, We actually do something very similar. Our distributor clients they buy the stuff from different suppliers or from us and they store with us. We have UV printing and Laser engrave so we are able to personalize some stuff. We're handling all ...

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    RE: Travis Mathew

    I had this same question about two years ago.  When you find a supplier let us know!  :) ------------------------------ Larry Newman Quality Printing (559) 909-5026 www.qualityprintingusa.com ------------------------------

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    Hi Vidal,  You might post this over in the Distributor Community page..... there are many professionals there that are willing and waiting to assist you in learning the industry's in & outs. They will give you tips and tricks to creating a fulfillment ...

  • thanks for this - for those of us working to add diversity to our industry it does sometimes feel like an impossible task, however in last 9 months or so I feel more hopeful and that some progress is being made.  So many podcasts and seminars are being ...

  • There are a few interesting takeaways in this article, including the comment about companies needing a diversity officer position to remain competitive, and the other about how these initiatives can't only be within the purview of HR departments. https://www.axios.com/chief-diversity-officer-hiring-frenzy-289877ce-ce65-4169-b414-79982e856281.html ...

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