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  • How to develop a tone of voice for brands that evokes the emotional response you want.
  • When charitable organizations choose promotional items to engage volunteers and connect with donors, they can inspire greater giving—even amid the pandemic.
  • For Stacey Steele, diversity is embedded into the foundation of her community, business and family. By purposefully integrating diversity into every aspect of her work, Steele has found the “secret sauce” to success.
  • When companies put the right people on the front lines, an exceptional and memorable customer experience can be a reality—even during a pandemic.
  • The current pandemic has increased public awareness about the importance of maintaining a healthy environment, which includes controlling and eliminating harmful germs—whether those germs are on a product or a person. Here’s where antimicrobial products fit in and what you need to know about them.

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  • This was initially covered a few weeks ago. There are other banks that have done similar announcements. There are also some companies incorporating DEI initiatives into their broader social responsibility programs. https://www.forbes.com/sites/ruthumoh/2020/10/08/jpmorgan-announces-30-billion-commitment-to-advance-racial-equity/#911475f24349 ...

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